SS18 Jekyll & Hide

Leather is rare and luxurious. It is also nature’s most authentic, most permanent expression of beauty. From backpacks and holdalls to belts and document cases and now footwear, Jekyll & Hide produces a range of luxury lifestyle accessories to accompany all of life’s adventures.

Born in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, Jekyll & Hide is a global brand standing for quality, functionality and style – a delicate intertwining of the old world and new. The juxtaposition of historic and modernity is at the core of the brand, combining classic leather with modern technology. The Jekyll & Hide traveller is confident, sophisticated and adventurous with an attitude for craftsmanship and longevity.

Jekyll & Hide set out to create a combination of authentically crafted genuine leather products, ethically procured from the best leather merchants from all corners of the world and naturally tanned using a traditional vegetable tanning process. Using hand-picked, high quality full-grain leather adds to the durability of the end product. Full-grain leather is considered the strongest and most durable type of leather, designed to resist moisture and over-time take on a new personality, aging beautifully and developing characteristics of its own.

The Jekyll & Hide customer is confident and driven. A sociable person with a professional mind and a creative heart. Living their best life, this person has the desire to do things and go places. Someone who seeks leisure and is free spirited. Age does not restrict or discourage them in anyway, aspiring to live life better in every way possible, with the help and inspiration of Jekyll & Hide who understands them and the way they live. Jekyll & Hide captures the moments in between that make like an unpredictable adventure.

Jekyll & Hide is about naturalness and ease, it’s about both masculinity and femininity. It is something between the boardroom and urban style that is casually cool, yet sophisticated. It is democratic and does not impose, allowing the individual to express who they are. This is the hallmark of Jekyll & Hide; to create lifestyle companions, which reflect authentic quality and style.

Embracing all that is travel and lifestyle, Jekyll & Hide introduces shoes to their extending product range.