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Shoe Protector
The Sneakerheadz Shoe Protector safeguards shoes from water, dirt and oil in only 15 seconds.

  • Shoe protector
  • Protects from oil, water and dirt
  • Warning: Do not use whilst wearing footwear
  • Extremely flammable – keep away from heat
  • Keep away from children
  • Only use outdoors or in well ventilated areas
  • 250ml

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SNEAKERHEADZ PROTECTION is an oil & water repellent spray giving protection from most daily activities.

It is one of the most powerful protection sprays to be engineered. The formulation, based on biomimicry,is unique to SNEAKERHEADZ. The product has been designed to apply a transparent mono-molecular interface onto the surface being protected which im parts repellency properties to most common forms of soiling.

The formulation is completely unique to SNEAKERHEADZ. It comes in a 250ml & 60ml aerosol can.


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Dimensions 700 × 600 cm

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